Rope Grab Fall Arresters

Rope Grab Fall Arresters

(Ref: SH-RG4)

Rope Grab Fall Arresters have a wide application of usage in fall arrest while climbing, and in restraint while working on roof tops, platforms and inclined planes. In the event of a fall, they are designed to “grab” on to the Anchorage Line on which they move, thus arresting the fall immediately. The Anchorage line, in conjunction with the given Rope Grab provides the necessary Shock Absorption.

  • Conforms to EN 353-2 : 2002

The Polyester Twisted Rope Anchorage Line of 14mm – 16mm is used in a Rope Grab to enable the user to work more smoothly while going up and down. The Purpose of the Rope Grab is to immediately Grab on the Anchorage Line in case of a Fall, hence arresting the fall.

  • Simple and safe design to ensure correct usage.
  • Arrest Fall with very short fall distance.
  • Easily detachable from the Anchorage Line.
  • Comes with a double security locking system.

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