Copper Alloy material and Steel Cable LOTO Safety Padlock


Material: Material: Imported Dupont Nylon + Steel

Shackle Diameter: 3mm

Color: Red/Orange/ Yellow/Green/Blue/Black/White/Purple


1. Durable, lightweight and insulated Xenoy® material lock body.

2.3mm steel cable lock shackle,can be locked nearby the electrical

appliances or other switches at the same time,save padlock quantity

and space,to facilitate centralized management,150mm

cable length.

3.All brass cylinder,can effectively eliminate the metal friction sparks.

4.Meet the requirements of multi-level management,KD/KA/MK or KAMK


5.8 colors can be selected.


6.Key retaining feature:the key can be removed only if the padlock is locked.

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