Dimension:148mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 0.42mm(T)

Weight: 8g


Color: White


1.Tags enable you to identify the online operation of all workers; avoid operating accident  on account of   no timely communication.

2.Use the taps together with a safety padlock to boldly warn that the equipment is locked out and cannot be operated; also warn that the lockout procedure may only be cancelled by the person who performs it. When used in factories, the worker using the equipment can be identified immediately to protect his safety.

Main Features:

1.Material: PVC

2.Thickness: Sizes can be selected by yourself

3.The 15mm diameter brass grommet is suitable for most safety padlocks on the market

4.Different options for choice: Customized, English/French/Spainless (It has MOQ if customized service needed)

5.Printing Requirement: Customized as required by customers (Such as the company logo,content, etc)

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